A WOMAN WARRIOR AH! is a woman warrior renowned for her valor and beauty. She is associated with black, time and death, and is thus another name for body movement. AH! is a legendary woman warrior, skilled in spear and bow, considered by the EM people as the mother of their empire. AH! and her assistant animal, DO, help the world in various ways with a variety of weapons in an attempt to rebuild it. She is an amazon, widely known swords woman of EM. AH! is the Under-Goddess of the Night River. She is the warrior-spirit of wind, lightning, fertility, fire and magic. It is believed that she creates hurricanes and tornadoes. She is the guardian of the underworld. AH! is known as a medicine woman, psychic, and warrior. Armed with a stone bladed war club, AH! fought at her lover side OH. When OH was wounded she rescued him, and then used her healing skills to cure him.According to legend she is a skilled warrior and wrestler who vowed to marry only the man who could defeat her in wrestling. Although no man was ever able to out-wrestle her, AH! ended-up marrying a warrior named OH. She received extensive martial arts training, and her maidservant, DO, was armed with weapons, which is odd for our time. AH! organized resistance and made use of diplomatic means to protect the world and the people. She is an earlier patron for women, and a possible influence to all women. Undefeated, she has become one of EM’s strongest, one of the world history's most powerful women.      


2014 Hahanut Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Photo credit: Yarden Halperin